Affiliate Disclosure

You may notice that occasionally I add links to products on my website and blog, when I think it’s relevant to the topic of the page. Some people have asked if clicking those links helps me in any way, and the answer is YES. Every time you use one of my “click-through” links before you make your purchase, we earn a small commission, which helps keep the lights on at It costs you nothing extra and we receive a small referral credit with the store where you made your purchase.

Most of the time the products I link to are photography related, but ANYTHING you buy counts, whether it’s a new D5500, a book, toys for your kids, or any other household item. Please consider coming back to this page and clicking through these links any time you make purchases at AmazonAdorama, or B&H Photo & Video, especially when you plan to buy super expensive stuff. 😛 💡 May I suggest a new Canon T7i

I have made purchases from each of these companies and I trust them. I believe you will too.

Thanks again for your support!

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